Tuesday, September 14, 2010

DROWN INTO THAT MOMENT (oneof thebesthinginmylife)

Say bismillah, maim...she spoke gently, was encouraging me to do that Job. She was Maim Erna, the owner of school’s institution. Wow, what amazing and challenging job being as a class teacher. Hehe. And now the story was begin. That was the time i found a lot of experience by finding many characters of children and also workmates at primary and middle school. About my students, ive already tell them how they act.
I’m not sure how my day was with them. I think I was just learning to face the children. But the important thing was with English. I can’t give any point for myself. So many weaknesses but still trying to do the best I can. I used to share everyday with my students some advises or words at the morning, we call it briefing pagi. So, one day I almost forget to share advise that I quote from alquraan or hadeeth or scholar of Islam like I used to do. Then finally they asked me. Maim, what else? Give us more suggestion today! Hiks…apparently, every morning is the time when they always wait for me. Take their seat neatly, opened their eyes and get ready to listened what I was going to say. I reckon that was the unforgettable moment with them, my beloved student. But actually the teachers was also have a various character.They are ‘one of the best thing’ that Allah has given to me.
I begin with miss Lia. The class teacher at the Grade 1. She is an easygoing person..hhmm, most of the teacher is easygoing indeed. But i thought she was match with ‘my going’ hehe. Always walks with her way and said : “Rapi rapi raapih...”haha (neat,neat, neat!!!) to the students in her class. I like her approach, im sure she’s got more experience than me. Wearing a long vail with the same colour with her dress is her style.
Miss Fitri. Class teacher of Grade Two. She is the most funny and unique female teacher in this school. Always speaks loudly to her students… “Eeeeee...” . Some students don’t like the way she speak. Does she too rude? Not at all. But maybe that’s the funny thing when i saw her teach cruelly but indeed she’s a funny person. She teaches some subject but specifically at Maths. She has had a Teacher for Math Training at Surabaya. (if I had no mistaken..) She always said, think positive mate!... although sometimes we were talking about everything which made us felt unpleasant. ^_^
Miss fenny. This is my lovely workmate! Worked as a class teacher at grade 3. My neighborhood in the second floor !!haha. She has a little bit complicated character of students but she was always laughing when she told us. I m sure she is a humble person, low-profile and a patient woman. I knew she always face her problems with the smile although if I talk with her about something that would be advise for her, she was trying to handle her tears. Alhamdulillah…she has just married about several months ago. Im so excited to hear that news, with her marital status : married. So she would never be annoyed anymore by students. Hehe. Now she is living with her husband in Sinjai, South Sulawesi. Hope she will get more blessing with appearance of a tuff kids someday.
Miss Rosemini. Alright this one is my best mate as well. I miss ya mam Rose. She was the class teacher at grade 4b. She graduated from one of Islamic boarding school in Jakarta. Her ability is reciting Al-quran and memorizing it. If we had enough time we were always share to memorized one of soorah of Al Quran. She is a very patient person and so..gently. She couldn’t help her tears when something happened to us. Maybe some of teachers in a doubt of her but im sure she was a trustworthy person, I bet.
Mr. Ade. The teacher of Acceleration Class. Teaches Bahasa and Social Studies. He is an easygoing person for everyone even his students. Basically I was a little bit jealous coz the institution of our school choose him as the class teacher which some of my best students left my class to moved into acceleration class. But anyway, i thought he was a hard worker person. There were many jobs he did besides his job as a class teacher coz he has more potential skill than others. That’s why the teachers were see him rarely at the school. Maybe he was too busy, or got sick at his house even at hospital. Until at the end of semester no one knows well about his job because he left the school since he’s got a bad illness.
Miss Mirna. She was “the most important teacher”. Hehehe. Institution has her hand to run the grade 5. Everybody knows that this class is totally weird due to the characters of its students. From a kindness kid until a bad bad gurl ; who has had puberty earlier. That’s why it’s a little bit horrible to face that class! Lots of energy will be dropped away when we come to her class. But miss Mirna handles well that class and amazingly she has a good relationship with the parents of kids. That’s why the institution love her way to gathering and building a trust between parents-school.
Miss Arisah. The teacher of Grade 6. The honorable teacher, always teaches students patiently. Brought students into as the champion of scientific competition is her responsibility. Then she made it! She always stay the same with her principle. Very neat, easygoing person and had so many experience as a talented teacher. I love the way she teaches students coz she was very smart but humble person.
Mr. Yudi. The teacher of grade 7. This teacher was also the most influencing teacher at the school. He was the best one teacher to handle the student when the time for praying has come. “Bunyi..bunyi…” :P. He always said it when the students talking too much each other. And he also had a big consequence for those who has disobeyed the rule. That’s his style. And institution at the same time took him as the Vice Principal For Student And Regulation Of School.
Maim Naima. The class teacher for grade 8 and 9. She is the most responsible teacher and patient teacher in the school. She has had worked at the school about 5 years respectively! Facing the children, making a good atmosphere based on the school regulation into the students and their parents, the best achievement for her I thought was her ability to made all of syllabi and curricula for middle school which it could made school gained accreditation ‘A’ in the meantime. That’s it. Now she has been trying to build a new school, whilst taking a job as the class teacher from of Islamic School in Makassar.
Mr.Risno, maim Naima’s husband. One of talented teacher of school on Arabic and recitation and memorizing Quran subject. Patient,Innalillahi...that is his word! If he suprised of something bad when he taught his student. Huhuhu. And until now , students has follow his word! They’ll say, it’s time for Mr.Risno! innalillahi !!..it happens when mr. Risno walk into the class! ^.^/ I trust him very much because he always done well and tries to do his best when i ask his help at one time. Now he still run the new school at his house with his wife mam Naima. From zero to hero, insha Allah.
Mr. Lukman. We call him ‘The master ‘...for ‘Ummi’method (metode Ummi) for recitation coz every morning before we start to teach student we should recite some pages of Ummi’s book. Bana! Baa na! Ta na!Taa na! Hahaha. I like it. A little bit bore coz sometimes he cant handle his patient. But anyway, everybody is different.
Miss Ami. Weew…! The master of science for elementary school. We call her ‘leluhur’ because she has been teaching in the school about 4 years, similar with mam Naima and mr. Risno. She is energetic woman, u know..she still taught student until on the month of her period to born a baby! And the hardest thing was, she had to run everything, go up and down through every steps of stairs although she’s so tired. She still the one of the example how the teacher still tough whatever it takes.
(to be continued…)

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