Saturday, May 23, 2009


There are many of Mankind who are deluded by this worldly life. The people who try to obscuring their sins although they think that they are in the right path of Aqeedah, they almost similar than kafeer people in this delusion indeed, Because they tend to focus in this worldly life than hereafter.

However, their cases are slightly different than kafeer’s people due to their faith who makes them will not dwell in Hell-Fire forever.

There are transgressor who have been deluded and says “ Indeed Allah always Forgives my Sins”. So that we can gain His Forgiveness”. They might be said that cause they have been deluded by the kindness of their parents.

The Scholars says : Whosever hopes something, he obviously will try to figure it out.

Whosever fears of something, he obviously avoid and stay away from it.

Whosever want to get forgiveness by impose, it means he has been deluded.

It has to be known that Allah not only has a Wide of Forgiveness, but also has a Big Torment. Allah has concluded to make the unbelievers will dwell forever in Hell-Fire. Whereas, the people who are not believe will never make a worst impact on Him. Allah also had given us diseases and afflictions then He makes us fear about His severe torment. And why we didn’t fear of Him?

Fear and Hope are two factors which motivates a person to do the righteous things. And there’s a delusion when it could not energize us to do the righteous things. Obviously, our hopes could gives us the spirit of kindness and to leave all the unrighteous things.

But apparently, the people who had lived thousand years ago were did so many beautiful deeds and fear of Allah as well. And all the people who still alive now, has the lack of faith but indeed they still comfortable with their life.

Do you think that they are more knowable about Allah’s Forgiveness better than what the Prophet had known?

And for those who are deluded due to the great life history about their relates..Are they remember about the Story of Noah ‘alayhe as-salaam with his sons and Abraham alayhe as salaam with his father?

They are almost similar with those who deluded by the people who has the good deeds and the bad deeds. In fact, they had done unrighteous things more than the good deeds and they thought that they had done so many great things. Hence, u can see someone who give a charity with 1 dollar but indeed, he didn’t get anything but sins because he gained that from a stolen money.

Some of them thought that they had done the good deeds more than the bad deeds. Till they tries to measures the value of their good deeds but they forget to counts how many mistakes and sins they have done and they rarely looks upon it. Similar with someone who makes repentance into Allah and does tasbeeh at thousand times. But unfortunately, the rest of his time were either used by gheebah/ gossiping their sister or brother in Islam or speak about the waste things. They just focuses on the value of tasbeeh and didn’t look up the impact of gossip the wasting or prohibited conversation.

Syaikh al-shareef said : We are Muslim, so make sure whatever comes out of your
mouth is something that will bring you closer to Allah. If it's
not, then keep quiet. Test yourself, for the next 3 days, before
you say anything, ask yourself, "Is this something good to say?"

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


How strange is humankind…

How hard and difficult is the situation if someone who have to separate from his wife and children which still in growing age, specifically if they really need many guidance.

How hard is the situation if someone watch the tears fell down on his mother’s cheek and its seems that his body would be separated.

How hard is situation if someone have to separated from ekhwan fillah, who have been decided to made commitment in Islam each other.

How difficult is situation if someone has to leave his home country to go to kafeer’s and materialistic country that he should have to struggle with by the pattern and values of deen.

Life in there must be far from deen and Islamic behavior, far from many friends, shaheeh of iltizam/commitment in Islam, comfortable situation, and obviously far from the home country.

Then after that, he have to face many realities between 2 pressures situation:

1. The strange and uncomfortable situation and The Freedom from any situation

In order to face those situations , they divided into 4 parties :

1. Those who are really uncertain for those situations would make them slip down, while they already have had many preparation by his commitment that brought from their home country. And finally they stay away from others (ozlah). There are many realities of seclusion :
a. Isolating their self by stay aloof from others and afraid to fall due to any sins

b. Not connecting with their good/sholeh brotherhood

c. Always feel uncertain of anything

2. Those who bring the tension into their self and it struggled in their faith but in the mean time they take the situation lightly. Hence, they allow them self to speak privately with the women, watch TV frequently and wasting the time due to avoid many pressures. They communicate with multazeem (person who always commitment with their faith) Moslem and the others from similar home country as well but Rare to attend any religious events. These deeds are very dangerous because as soon as possible their faith become upside down then finally, all of their Islamic value will reduce and disappear one by one.

3. Those who are transgressors. They surrender from those situations and leave all the value of their faith. They cannot conquer those things and ignoring anything then attendin’ haraam things with others.

4. Those who are always put their education ahead of those situations. Thus, it will encourage them to attend actively in any religious events by :

a. Keep in touch with the Moslem brotherhood who always commitment into

Islamic value.

b. Keep pray together/ jama’ah steadfastly in the masjeed/mosque

c. Making the Islamic programs especially to maintain their own-self.


This popular word is merely used for all humankind. People says that Love is a saint word. Many people have a mistake due to using and understanding the meaning of this word because the bad influence of western culture. When this words is pronounced from them (western people), it should be always linked into sexual relationship either before marriage or without marriage or even without law enforcement that attach their relationship. For them, this “love expression” means that they either could do the bad deed / adultery who aren’t already get married or sexual relationship with its warm-up for them who has already get married.

Some other western people do not accept if you say “I love you”. Because this words are merely heard from the marriage couple.

That’s the way how they connect it by doing an intimate relationship with sexual desires. The impact is, this exalt word is still refused for those who are still commitment by doing any good deeds. They still think that this word should not to be connected with the meaning of sexual desire, bad habits which is always published in the movies, songs about the meaning of love (based on western culture) on many media.

Love, for us is the highest position than what they thought. That is love. The thing that make human could either attain the paradise or dragged into the hell. The type of a highest love is loving Allah. Loving Allah is one of the most thing of our belief. The person could not called as believer until they love Allah only, the beneficent God.

By loving Allah, there are many things appears respectively such As :

First, Love the Parents. Because Allah Azza wa Jalla has been commanding us to love our parents as a value of religious service. This feeling of love will always connect into Allah which this feeling is not allowed if the parents do any deviation things from His path and pass through the devil’s path. And this is the way of wala’ (loyality) and baraa’ (releasing the responsibility) principle. Allah says in Al-Quraan Soorah Al-Mujaadalah :22.

Second, Loving The Children.

The sign of their belief is when the parents does not keep that feeling if their children are on the devil’s path. As Allah had narrated the story about Noah. When his feeling made him decide to safe his son, the He begged into Allah : “O, Allah! Indeed, my son is still my family as well and your promises are must be proven ”

Then Allah answered in Hud “46

Third, Loving wife. This love would be always grow if it based of the strong belief. Love will become spreading when the wife could come closer into Allah. She would become the gorgeous ornament in this world. As apostle said that :

“This world is an ornament, and the best ornament in this world and the most beautiful one is a pious moslemah” (Narrated by Muslim)

Fourth, Loving based of His path between His believer lovers , not because of the similarity of families. It based on the same of creed. If one of the person feeling this love, thus he will not hesitated to tell his brother “I love you because of Allah ”. And then his brother will really happy to get this precious present. And he answer : May Allah love you as deep as you love me”. This person know that he loving his brother not because of business interest or else. And after that, his pious brother hopes that May Allah love him as well.. what a tremendous thing.

(Source :Syeikh Abd Hameed Al-Bilaaly)