Monday, June 29, 2009

Keep Stay Here

Keep Stay Here Brothers and Sisters

Don’t go anywhere my brothers and sisters..just stay in the path of faith. In the path of Islam. Keep stay together pass through this way till the end. We must have been really exhausted, Because of this way is a long journey. But, don’t go anywhere and don’t ever think to walk away. Just believe that the rewards and happiness in this path are much more amazing than what the transgressor had got. The moment of this path, is more beautiful than what the transgressor has proud of what they have made.

Don’t ever expected with the delusion of happiness, beautifulness or anything of what we have seen from them whose walked away from Allah’s path. Stayin’ here always.

My brother and sisters,

The happiness and sweetest thing of this life would be felt by whosever always stay on Allah’s path. As-salafus ash shalih, the former generation had got the happiness life by their strong faith. One of them said “I have ever got the best situation when I felt so close into Allah and so in love into Allah”

The other one said” Woe for whose ever walked away from Allah! They passed away from in this world but they never felt the beautiful life in the world- live together with Allah-.

Just make a calmness of our soul to stay together, my brother and sister

Entire of the great situation is always on the top. Entire of the great position is always gained from many afflictions and suffers. Giving up, frustrated, breaking heart will never bring us to a better position. There was a young man asked Imam Syafii rahimahullah..”O, Abu Abdellah, which one is better, the person who get a tamkeen (a power and authority) OR the person who gets any affliction from Allah?” Then He answered : Tamkeen will be appearing when somebody has passed through his affliction. Allah had given Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Isa, Mohammed ‘shalawatollah ‘alayhe with a huge affliction then they kept steadfast on it. Thus Allah Al-Mighty had strengthened them. So, do not ever thought that we will never get any suffer. (Ibnu Qayyim, Al Fawaaid)

Keep Stay Here..

Lets move when the others take a rest, let’s do something when the others do nothing. Don’t be deluded by the happiness and worldly life. And remember that all the things that we did will bring us to the value of how is our life ended. Just be a person who always want to get Allah’s pleases.

My brother and sister,

Life is looks alike affliction that we get from a step into the further step. That’s why Allah says In Quraan : “Then We made part of the humankind as a test ”. Ibnu Qayyim rahimahullah said : the situation like this will be faced by entire of humankind. Such as the prophet who had tested by his clan, his patience will be tested by all of their abuses.

The scholar will be tested by many ignorance people. But does the scholar keep steadfast to teach and advices them patiently? And also for the ignorance people. Will they allowing or abiding what the scholar says? The man will be tested by women. On the contrary, the women will be tested by men . A husband will be tested by his wife so do the wife. The believers will be tested by the unbelievers, so do the unbelievers. (Ighatsatul Lahafan, 2/161)

Keep stay here my brother and sisterhood..

We might begin this long journey by climbing the precipitous way. But indeed, there will be a enjoyment that we always waiting for. Then, please say Alhamdulillah for all the situation that we face.

Even though those moment is always cleansing the sweat and tiring this joints.